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The VVitch (The Witch) 2016 review & explained - GhyFilmSociety

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Horror Intensity: 5/10

Violence: 65%

Nudity Intensity: 80% Abusive Language: 10% Family/Adult: Adult

Genre: Horror, Drama, Mystery

My overall score: 8⭐/10


Sypnosis (short): The film is set in 1630, in New England, America. A Puritan family (William ; Katherine, William's wife ; Thomasin, eldest daughter ; Caleb, son ; twins Mercy and Jonas ; baby Samuel) is banished from town for their beliefs (or it at least seems this way). They are forced to move to a farm that feels like it is on the edge of the world. Mercy and Jonas frequently play with a large black goat that they named Black Phillip. Later, baby Samuel (Sam) disappears while Thomasin is playing outside with him. Katherine becomes distraught following Sam's disappearance. Thinking a wolf took the baby, Caleb goes out to hunt with his father. But couldn't find any. They return home unsuccessfully trying to shoot a rabbit.

With a lack of growth on their crops beginning to turn problematic, Thomasin and Caleb venture into the woods. The two are separated from each other. Caleb disappears. Later, Thomasin finds Caleb outside in the rain, naked and scarred. Everyone gets worried that something evil is overtaking them. Mercy and Jonas continue to accuse Thomasin of being a witch. Soon later, Caleb begins to speak some sort of prayer, and unexpectedly, the twins Mercy and Jonas also starts to writhe on the ground. Caleb then dies. William accuses Thomasin of witching Caleb. But Thomasin states that maybe it was the twins' doing. William locks Thomasin and the twins in the barn. In the night, the kids see a figure drinking the blood of a goat. Simultaneously, Katherine finds Caleb holding Samuel. She starts breastfeeding Sam, but in reality, a crow is picking her.

Thomasin comes out of the barn in the morning and sees Black Philip (the goat twins played with) charge at William and gushing him with its horns, knocked him dead. Katherine starts accusing Thomasin and starts to choke her. But Thomasin grabs a knife and shoved at her mother's face which makes her dead.

Later at night, Thomasin walks into the barn and encounters Black Philip. She follows him into the woods being completely naked. As she walks deeper into the woods, she saw a bunch of witches dancing around a fire. Thomasin joins them and then begins to float high.


The transformation of Thomasin from a village girl to a witch is brilliantly showcased. The psychological thrill is kept intact till the end. This not a normal horror movie where ghosts are shown to scare and kill people. This movie is different!

Anya Taylor-Joy acts brilliantly throughout the whole movie.

Thomasin (Anya Taylor-Joy) from The VVitch

Black Philip (Satan) wanted her to become the witch as it seems that Thomasin (in the beginning of the movie) confesses about her sin. To become a witch, there should be no connection to the family whatsoever. That's the reason everyone from her family dies because of their sins as Satan preys upon the people who have sinned. Caleb dies because he has sinned by looking and fantasizing at her sister's breasts. Later it is seen that Caleb too confesses to William about his sins.

Harvey Scrimshaw a.k.a Caleb when he got bewitched and writhing before her family, is a brilliant scene.

Caleb writhing and praying (The VVitch)

Kate Dickie a.k.a Katherine is a versatile actress and potrayed a grieving and complaining mother brilliantly. The scene when she is sitting on the chair assuming she is holding her baby is perfect.

Katherine holding baby Sam

Interestingly, the whole movie has a grey backdrop except the scene when Thomasin emancipates into a witch. Also, the music is spooky and gives an uneasy feeling which keeps the viewers on edge. Lastly, the revealing of the Black Philp gave this movie a twist to the tale. A must watch movie for the horror watchers.

Available on: NETFLIX


⚈ Why is the witch spelled VVitch?

🠞 The plot is based on America's first witch hysteria. The spelling of the title is "The VVitch" because the letter "W" was not yet in common use at the time.

⚈ Who is Black Philip?

🠞 Judging by how the movie time-period was set in Black Philip is none other than Satan himself.


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