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The Raid 1 [Serbuan maut] movie review without spoilers - GhyFilmSociety

Violence: 99%

Nudity showcased? : No

Intercourse Showcased? : No

Slangs : 40%

Family/Adult: Adult

Genre: Action, Thriller


"Pulling a trigger is like ordering a takeout." -Serbuan maut (2011)

Serbuan maut is a full-on action movie from start to finish. The movie showcases one of the most brutal fights and intense scenes. The pacing is well-structured and engaging. The fights are well-choreographed. Director Gareth Evans wrote the script adeptly. The cinematography is good. The shaky shifts of the camera angles to simulate fight sequences are a plus. The CGI is mediocre but acceptable. Actors Iko Uwais

(Rama), Yayan Ruhian (Mad Dog), Ray Sahetapy did a terrific job.

Its important to mention that Serbuan maut contains minimal plot and restricted only to fights. The music could've been better to make certain scenes more gripping. Nevertheless, it makes the viewers glued to the screen till the very end.

My final verdict: Do you need adrenaline rush? Power-packed action and nothing else? Watch this to quench your thirst. Highly recommended!

My overall score: 8.9⭐/10

Available on: Amazon Prime Video, NETFLIX

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