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Pareeksha (2020) movie review without spoilers

Violence: 0%

Nudity showcased? : No

Intercourse Showcased? : No

Slangs : 0%

Family/Adult: Family

Genre: Education, Drama


Pareeksha is all about hard-work. It is a simple movie. National award winning filmmaker Prakash Jha wrote and directed this family drama. Actors Sanjay Suri and Priyanka Bose (Priyanka) acted brilliantly and justified their role perfectly. This movie is inspired by the real-life experience of IPS officer Abhayanand, former DGP of Bihar.

Unexpectedly, the movie fails to create an impact. Actor Adil Hussain (Buchi) doesn't fit the role that he's been provided with. The realism is lacking which is pretty evident throughout the movie. However, there are certain moments where the plot gets a little interesting and real but, soon again dies. The child actor Shubham (Bulbbul) does a pretty good job though. The script could have been much better, given the plot is based on real-life story. Also, the climax too fails to deliver the impactful message.

My final verdict: Dissapointed. The movie is overrated though. One-time watch with family is suggested.

My overall score: 4⭐/10 Available on: Zee5

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