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Parasite (Gisaengchung) 2019 review & explained - GhyFilmSociety

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Violence: 70%

Intercourse Showcased? : Yes (moderately)

Abusive Language: 5%

Family/Adult: Adult

Genre: Thriller, Drama, Comedy

My overall score: 10⭐/10

⚈⚈⚈FULL REVIEW⚈⚈⚈ Sypnosis (short): Ki-woo Kim (Choi Woo-Shik), his father Ki-taek Kim (Song Kang-ho), mother Chung-sook Kim (Jang Hye-jin), and sister Ki-jung (Park So-dam) lives in the slums of South Korean city where they struggle finding a Wi-Fi signal to sneak into in order to get access to the Internet to watch TV. By doing menial tasks such as folding pizza boxes they make their ends meet and even then, get criticized by the pizza employees for messing up the boxes.

Ki-woo's wealthy friend Min-hyuk pays the family a visit, gives them a rock that is supposed to bring those who have it wealth and prosperity. He then tells Ki-woo that he has been tutoring the teenage daughter of a very wealthy family and wants him to be her daughter as he (Min-hyuk) is leaving to study abroad. Ki-jung (Ki-woo's sister) forge credentials for him to take to his interview.

The very wealthy Park family comprises of Mr. Park (Lee Sun-kyun), his scatterbrained wife Mrs. Park (Choi Yeo-jeong), and their children, teenage daughter Da-hye and young son Da-song. Ki-woo flirts with Da-hye to get the job. Soon after, Ki-jung under the name "Jessica" joins the wealthy family as an art tutor for Da-song who had a traumatic incident earlier and begins making money. Ki-jung then suggests Ki-taek as the replacement for the earlier driver whom she deceptively got him fired. Lastly, Kims exploit the housekeeper, Moon-kwang's, allergy to peaches to get her fired.

Moon-kwang has worked for the home since before the Park family lived there - she worked for the previous owner, an eccentric architect. Kims tries to convince Mrs. Park that the housekeeper is seriously suffering from illness. Mrs. Kim is then given the job.

One day, when the Park family decides to leave to go for camping, the Kim family spends the evening by drinking and eating and making a mess of the place. All of a sudden, the doorbell rings and it's Moon-kwang. Mrs. Kim reluctantly lets her in, and Moon-kwang runs into the basement and begins screaming, opening a secret passage behind some shelves. The Kims followed and found that Geun-sae, husband of Moon-kwang, has been secretly living in the basement bunker. Moon-kwang begs the Kim family to let her husband stay. A quarrel begins and then a fight occurs over the phone containg a video.But, somehow the Kim family manages to lock them. Meanwhile, the Park family cancelled their trip due to rain and calls Mrs. Kim.

The Park family returns.Eventually, in the dead of night, they are able to sneak out. They return home to find their apartment completely flooded with rain and sewage. Ki-woo takes the rock, and the family sleeps in a shelter for the night. The next day, Mrs. Park decides to throw a party for Da-song's birthday.

The Kim family resumed their roles and started preparing for the party arrangements. In the meantime, Ki-woo takes the rock down into the bunker and is ambushed by Geun-sae, who bludgeons him in the head with the rock. He then enters the party, where he stabs Ki-jung in the chest. The party explodes into horror. Mr. Kim stabs Mr. Park and kills him, while Mrs. Kim, after managing to kill Geun-sae by stabbing flees as Mrs. Park faints.

Ki-woo wakes up in the hospital and finds out that Ki-jung has died and he and Mrs. Kim are sentenced to probation. Ki-woo observes the former Park house where he sees the lights flickering - Ki-woo translates the flickering from Morse code, and learns Mr. Kim is controlling them from inside the bunker, where he is now living, sneaking upstairs for food from the new owners. Ki-woo writes his father a letter back, resolving that someday he will become wealthy enough that he can buy the house and their family can be reunited.

REVIEW: This film puts through so many different emotional states during its 132-minute runtime, and did so without ever feeling bored. Bong Joon-ho directed this movie brilliantly keeping in view the background reality between the rich and the poor. Bong Joon-ho showcased the Kim family as poor by showing the flooding of the house, smell of clothes, foods.

Song Kang ho acted brilliantly. The transition from a person living in a slum to becoming a driver in the rich family is potrayed by him beautifully.

This movie is a mixture of hilarious, heartbreaking and suspense. And it does all this while being perfectly paced, beautifully directed, and amazingly acted from every single member of its cast. All the characters are understandable and sympathetic to some degree; the amount of conflict, drama and tension derived from a narrative with no clear heroes and villains is staggering. Also, the cinematography is excellent!


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