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My Client's Wife movie review without spoilers

Violence: 55%

Nudity showcased? : No

Intercourse Showcased? : No

Slangs : 0%

Family/Adult: Adult

Genre: Psychological, Mystery, Thriller, Drama


My Client's Wife is a slow-paced psychological mystery. The plot is interwoven and filled with suspense. The climax is shocking and interesting and has a great twist. Director Prabhakar Meena Bhaskar Pant gave the Bollywood a rare gem. Sharib Hashmi (Manas Verma) and Anjali Patil (Sindoora Singh) are the highlight of this movie. Of course, Abhimanyu Singh (Raghuram Singh) cannot be ignored as well. They justified their characters very well. Even the watchman and the gardener did a good job.

However, the BGM is mediocre. The dialogues could've been better. Nevertheless, the climax somewhat nullifies these negatives.

My final verdict: Such movies are rare in Bollywood. Watch till the end. A movie worth watching.

My overall score: 7.9⭐/10 Available on: Shemaroo Box Office

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