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Hereditary movie review without spoilers + Parental Guide - GhyFilmSociety

Horror Intensity: 7/10

Violence: 80%

Nudity showcased? : Yes

Intercourse Showcased? : No

Slangs : 10%

Family/Adult: Adult

Genre: Horror, Mystery Drama, Thriller


'Hereditary' is a film made with impeccable quality, of that there is no questioning. The cinematography, rhythms and pace, and sound design are all superb and work in conjunction to create atmosphere and dread. It's both hard to watch and impossible to look away.

The entire cast was terrific, but Toni Collette (Annie) absolutely blew me away. The emotional depth she is able to achieve never ceases to amaze me and she is captivating to watch in any scene she's in. Alex Wolff (Peter) too acted brilliantly.

This movie has a runtime of 2 hours and 7 minutes and is definitely will take you through a range of emotions from sheer terror to complete hopelessness and sorrow. The movie really ramps up in the last twenty minutes and is very disturbing.

My final verdict: This is more than just a horror movie. This is what modern horror movies should be. A must-watch for a horror fan.

My overall score: 9.1⭐/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 89% / 67% (audience score) Available on: NETFLIX, Amazon Prime Video


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