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Cursed Season 1 review without spoilers - GhyFilmSociety

Violence: 70%

CGI: 3/10

Nudity Showcased?: Yes Intercourse Showcased?: Yes (moderately) Abusive Language: 0% Family/Adult: Adult Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Adventure ⚈⚈⚈NON-SPOILER REVIEW⚈⚈⚈

Except for very few moments, lead character Katherine Langford a.k.a Nimue couldn't connect to her character, as if she is just speaking the scripted lines without connecting with her role. It has a lot of mediocre CGI gore and some pretty dark moments, and the acting of the characters is decent.

The storyline is not at all engaging despite a heavy budget. There is always a feeling of something lacking throughout the series.

My verdict: Utilize your time and watch other shows/movies.

My overall score: 4⭐/10

IMDb: 5.8⭐ Rotten Tomatoes: 71% / 51% (audience score)

Available on: NETFLIX

Do you really need a Full Review for this show?!


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