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Bulbul Can Sing 2019 review without spoilers | Rima Das | Ghyfilmsociety

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

Bulbul Can Sing (2019) movie review English

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Violence: 10% Slangs : 0% Family/Adult: Family (13+) Genre: Social Issues, Drama ⚈⚈⚈NON-SPOILER REVIEW⚈⚈⚈

Bulbul Can Sing is a beautiful and tragic tale of a girl named 'Bulbul'. This movie is directed by Rima Das (also the director of internationally acclaimed "Village Rockstars"). The movie is simple yet beautiful showcasing friendships, village life and premature romance. The cinematography is marvellous. The beautiful scenes of a village of Assam coupled with the shots of loneliness is what I think to be a master-shot to capture the very essence and importance of that scene. The impact of social issues in a village is adeptly addressed and the emotionality of that scene is painful to watch (will be discussed in spoiler review). Arnali Das (Bulbul) acted brilliantly.

She controls the plot beautifully and, also hats off to Manoranjan Das (Suman) and his brilliant acting to bring out the social issues facing by transgenders. The impact created by Bonita Thakuriya (Bonny) is deep. Just Brilliant!

To conclude, experience the beautiful yet tragic tale of an Assamese girl. Watch it now. It's worth it.

My overall score: 8.9⭐/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 100% / 88% (audience score)

Available on: NETFLIX (click here to watch)

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