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Breathe Season 1 review without spoilers - GhyFilmSociety

Violence: 65%

Nudity showcased? : No

Intercourse Showcased? : Yes

Slangs : 50%

Family/Adult: Adult

Genre: Thriller, Drama


Ratings per episodes

Episode 1- The Promise- 7.7⭐ Episode 2- The Hunt Begins- 8.8⭐ Episode 3- Safety First- 8.9⭐ Episode 4- The Audition- 9.8⭐ Episode 5- Bad Fish- 8.8⭐ Episode 6- Blind Man's Bluff- 9.7⭐ Episode 7- It's in the Eyes- 7.8⭐ Episode 8- Body Parts- 9.6⭐ Despite a few plotholes, Breathe Season 1 is an engaging crime-thriller. The pilot episode though is a little let down, but from the next episodes, the story gets gripping. R. Madhavan (Danny) gives a terrific performance. His portrayal of different emotions is a wonder to watch. The background score by Alokananda Dasgupta is catchy and superb. The plot is well-paced and not too rushed. "The Audition" episode is the best among all the episodes. However, actor Amit Sadh (Inspector Kabir) couldn't portray the angry part well enough. Also, the climax could've been a bit better. My final verdict: Such Indian crime-dramas are rare. Definitely a must-watch. Highly recommended!

My overall score: 8.7⭐/10 Available on: Amazon Prime Video

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